Bolzano Bozen Card Plus

Free but precious:
your advantage card for Bolzano and the surrounding areas

You want to use buses, trains and public cableways in Bolzano and surroundings, perhaps also pay a visit to the Ötzi, Reinhold Messner at Castle Firmian or modern art in Bolzano? Would you like to get to know Bolzano on a city tour, or pay a visit to wineries and wine cellars?

If you choose to stay at the Hotel Grüner Baum, all this is within reach, in close neighborhood. And most of it is free if you have the Bolzano Card Plus. You can use this advantage card as a ticket to a whole world of benefits in Laives, Bolzano, San Genesio, Sarentino and the surrounding areas. Bolzano card plus is – this is your great advantage as a guest in the Hotel Grüner Baum – included in the room price, so it does not cost you a cent.


Allow us to say two more words about the two biggest advantages of the Bolzano Card Plus. On the one hand, it is a ticket for all public transport services belonging to the South Tyrolean Transport Association. Specifically, this means you can use for free all regional trains from Brennero to Trento, all regional and city buses, the cableway to Renon, to San Genesio, Colle, Maranza, Meltina and Verano, the railway at Renon and the funicular to Mendola.

On the other hand, the Bolzano Card Plus also serves as a (free) ticket to no less than 100 museums throughout South Tyrol. Staying at Hotel Grüner Baum, especially the museums of Bolzano, being in immediate vicinity, could be interesting for you. In the South Tyrol Museum of Archeology, you can marvel at the world-famous glacier mummy Ötzi and its world, and at the Museum of Nature South Tyrol you can take a closer look on South Tyrol’s nature. In the Museion, you can gain an insight into contemporary art created in and around South Tyrol. The fascinating Messner Mountain Museum of the extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner, which is located in South Tyrol’s largest castle, Firmian, can also be visited with the Bolzano Card Plus. For free, of course.

Staying at the Hotel Grüner Baum in the immediate vicinity of Bolzano, gives you many benefits – in the hotel itself and also outside, with a free but precious advantage card.